Deborah Johnson

Director, Hospitality and Guest Experience | Vancouver Mall Drive






What is your favorite menu item(s)?

Cookies & Cream Milkshake

What is/are your favorite position(s) in the restaurant?

Back of House: Primary – I love to challenge myself in this role by getting creative and thinking of ways to make it even faster!
Front of House: Dining Room Host – It gives me the most opportunity to connect with our guests & ensure they feel valued and cared for during their visit. 

How long have you worked at Chick-fil-A? If you worked at other Chick-fil-A restaurants, please list those as well.

Since 2014

When did you join the leadership team at Chick-fil-A?

Summer 2020

Why do you enjoy working at Chick-fil-A?

I love having the opportunity to serve others everyday. Each person who comes into our restaurant is a chance to show genuine hospitality and care. I also enjoy leading others and helping our team grow and achieve their goals everyday!

What was your favorite training or development experience/resource since you began working with Chick-fil-A?

My favorite development resource is a book called “Mindset”, it really changed how I viewed growth and improving myself as a person and leader.

What do you enjoy doing on your free time?

I enjoy spending time at the gym, golfing and anytime I can be in the sun.

Tell us about your immediate family.

I am married to my husband Ty in 2020. All the rest of my family lives back in California, both my parents, 3 siblings and a super cute nephew!